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If you want to make your pictures talk you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s video description or alt text for your images Talking Pictures Audio Description is a one stop shop offering not only scripting and voicing but recording and mixing too so your content will sound as great as it looks. We can also work with you at the production stage to maximise accessibility, making sure every important detail is available to a visually impaired audience.

You have the potential to reach 285 million more people around the world if you just add AD to your content. 

Here at Talking Pictures AD we genuinely care about AD users and always work with them in mind. Our goal is to create an experience as close to that of a non-blind viewer’s by providing accurate and detailed descriptions. We believe high quality audio description can improve everyone’s experience and want it to become less of an afterthought. 

Talking Pictures was created by a writer and voice-over artist who specialises in audio description. She’s been professionally involved in AD for ten years starting out voicing them for theatrical release then describing shows on ITV1, 2 & 3, Five, Discovery Channel & Hallmark. She has gone on to write, voice, proof and edit AD for around 200 feature films for clients such as Universal, Sony, Lionsgate, Dogwoof, STX and Paramount Pictures as well as producing audio descriptions for independent short films, online performance art, architectural design bids and social media posts. You can find her work in cinemas nationwide, on DVD, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Instagram

In 2013 she was invited to the digital cinema company, Motion Picture Solutions, as an AD consultant and established their now thriving AD department. She acts as their lead audio describer and continues to advise the project managers and audio team on best and most efficient practice for producing AD as well as providing detailed feedback to other describers to ensure the company continues to deliver a high standard of AD.

If you’d like to work with Talking Pictures AD you can reach us here.



Audio description is the visual commentary used in TV, film and theatre to describe:


Body language



Facial expression


On screen text.

An audio describer’s job is to piece together everything a fully sighted person takes for granted, filling in the gaps to paint a complete picture for a blind and visually impaired audience. 


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