AD Needs You

If you’re a blind or visually impaired film-lover with an interest in being involved in the production of audio description or an AD user with thoughts on how it could be improved then Talking Pictures AD would love to hear from you. You will of course be paid for your time.

Contact us HERE.

Inclusion Donation

If you’d like to donate to help to fund a more inclusive AD production process then please click the PayPal link below. If you can afford more than £5 just add how much you’d like to multiply the amount by into the box below (2 = £10, 3 = £15, 4 = £20 etc.) or use the arrow keys. The number isn’t currently showing but you’ll be able to check it once PayPal takes you to the confirmation page. Your donation will go towards such things as improving the quality of AD by subsidising low describer rates and funding blind and visually impaired consultants to QA audio descriptions before they go out into the world so AD can truly become: “Nothing about us, without us.” Please get in touch if you’d like to receive an email telling you where your donation went.